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BACKGROUND Paraesophageal hernias are uncommon in children and are distinctively different from the more common sliding hiatus hernias and those occurring after antireflux surgery in anatomy, pathology, symptoms, complications, and management. We reviewed a single institution's experience with the pathology of paraesophageal hernias. METHODS We conducted(More)
1. Careful airway assessment must be done where there are flame or scald burns of the face and neck. Intubation is generally only necessary in the case of unconscious patients, hypoxic patients with severe smoke inhalation, or patients with flame or flash burns involving the face and neck. Indications for airway assessment include presence of pharyngeal(More)
There is growing evidence that childhood surgical conditions, especially injuries, are common in developing countries and that poor care results in significant numbers of deaths and cases of disability. Unfortunately, however, surgical care is not considered an essential component of most child health programmes. Strategies for improving paediatric surgical(More)
The subject of malrotation and midgut volvulus in infancy and childhood is reviewed from the perspective of experience with 138 patients evaluated in a published series and a further 82 cases seen since. Embryology, historical aspects, clinical presentation, investigation, surgery, and outcome are discussed. The diagnosis of malrotation and volvulus should(More)
BACKGROUND Neurosurgeons are familiar with the challenges presented by craniopagus twins, but other types of conjoined twins may also have neurosurgical implications. We report our experience in the management of ischiopagus and pygopagus conjoined twins. METHODS This is a retrospective review of the management of conjoined twins at Red Cross Children's(More)
UNLABELLED The liver transplant programme for infants and children at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital is the only established paediatric service in sub-Saharan Africa. Referrals for liver transplant assessment come from most provinces within South Africa as well as neighbouring countries. PATIENTS AND METHODS Since 1987, 81 children (range 6(More)
To analyze the phenotypic profile of lymphoid cells freshly isolated from surgically resected human gliomas, a double-immunostaining technique was developed which permitted the investigators simultaneously to distinguish between hematogenous and tumor cell populations and to detect expression of lymphocyte-monocyte subset-specific antigens on hematogenous(More)
The maintenance of a central database of burns units and practitioners forms part of this strategy. Broader objectives include the improvement of burns care and resources in South Africa and increasing the number of practitioners to complete the Emergency Management of Severe Burns (EMSB) course. 4. McGregor JC. Major burn disasters: lessons to be learned(More)