Heinz Reichmann

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BACKGROUND Neurostimulation of the subthalamic nucleus reduces levodopa-related motor complications in advanced Parkinson's disease. We compared this treatment plus medication with medical management. METHODS In this randomized-pairs trial, we enrolled 156 patients with advanced Parkinson's disease and severe motor symptoms. The primary end points were(More)
Parkinson's disease (PD) is often accompanied by non-motor complications, such as dementia, depression, and psychotic symptoms, which worsen the prognosis and increase the personal and socioeconomic burden of disease. Prevalence estimates of these complications are quite variable and are lacking for the outpatient care sector. As part of a larger,(More)
To detect morphologic abnormalities in Parkinson's disease (PD), we examined 30 patients with PD and 30 age- and sex-matched nonparkinsonian controls by transcranial color-coded real-time sonography (TCCS). In 12 severely affected PD patients, the echogenicity of the substantia nigra was distinctly increased. In the remaining 18 PD patients and in all(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Numerous preclinical findings and a clinical pilot study suggest that recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) provides neuroprotection that may be beneficial for the treatment of patients with ischemic stroke. Although EPO has been considered to be a safe and well-tolerated drug over 2 decades, recent studies have identified increased(More)
The study aimed to compare olfactory function in idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD) and nonidiopathic Parkinson's syndrome (PS). At their first visit 50 PS patients (age 38-80 years) received testing for odor threshold, olfactory discrimination and identification. All patients underwent extensive neurological diagnostics including PET scans. Patients were(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate response rate, response duration, overall survival (OS), and toxicity in primary CNS lymphoma (PCNSL) after systemic and intraventricular chemotherapy with deferred radiotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS From September 1995 to July 2001, 65 consecutive patients with PCNSL (median age, 62 years) were enrolled onto a pilot and phase II study(More)
BACKGROUND The mitochondrial myopathies typically affect many organ systems and are associated with mutations in mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) that are maternally inherited. However, there is also a sporadic form of mitochondrial myopathy in which exercise intolerance is the predominant symptom. We studied the biochemical and molecular characteristics of this(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to follow and correlate changes of structural and biochemical markers of energy metabolism during chronic electrical stimulation of tibialis anterior muscle in rabbits. In the superficial portion of the muscle, 5 to 6-fold increases occurred in enzyme activities of the citric acid cycle and of fatty acid(More)
Decrease of olfactory function in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a well-investigated fact. The present study aimed to investigate olfaction in PD patients with a specific focus on the effects of deep brain stimulation in the subthalamic nucleus. Eleven patients (age 42–67 years) participated in this study. Using the “Sniffin’ Sticks”, olfactory(More)
In patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), the associated pathology follows a characteristic pattern involving inter alia the enteric nervous system (ENS), the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus (DMV), the intermediolateral nucleus of the spinal cord and the substantia nigra, providing the basis for the neuropathological staging of the disease. Here we(More)