Heinz-Martin Denecke

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From July 1986 to July 1989, 40 patients (92% pretreated) with deep-seated, advanced soft tissue sarcomas (STS, 25 patients), Ewing's sarcomas (ES, eight patients), osteosarcomas (OS, three patients) and chondrosarcomas (ChS, four patients) were treated at the University of Munich in a protocol involving regional hyperthermia (RHT) combined with ifosfamide(More)
Atrial natriuretic factor is a hormone intimately involved in water and salt homeostasis. The heart constitutes the major but not exclusive site of synthesis of this hormone. Among other functions, the gastrointestinal tract has endocrine functions, plays an important role in volume regulation of the body, and seems to be a target organ for atrial(More)
Among 86 patients who underwent resection for thoracic esophageal carcinoma between 1982 and 1989, 49 were resected by a transhiatal blunt esophagectomy (THE) and 37 underwent a transthoracic-abdominal esophagectomy (TTE). The two groups were statistically comparable with respect to preoperative characteristics. Overall morbidity and respiratory(More)