Heinz-JüRgen Hausser

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The extracellular matrix (ECM) as well as soluble mediators like cytokines can influence the behavior of cells in very distinct as well as cooperative ways. One group of ECM molecules which shows an especially broad cooperativity with cytokines and growth factors are the proteoglycans. Proteoglycans can interact with their core proteins as well as their(More)
The construction of grids that accurately reflect geologic structure and stratigraphy for computational flow and transport models poses a formidable task. Even with a complete understanding of stratigraphy, material properties, boundary and initial conditions, the task of incorporating data into a numerical model can be difficult and time consuming.(More)
Modeling fluid, vapor, and air injection and extraction from wells poses a number of problems. The length scale of well bores is centimeters, the region of high pressure gradient may be tens of meters and the reservoir may be tens of kilometers. Furthermore, accurate representation of the path of a deviated well can be difficult. Incorporating the physics(More)
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