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The Schizosaccharomyces pombe EB1 Homolog Mal3p Binds and Stabilizes the Microtubule Lattice Seam
End binding 1 (EB1) proteins are highly conserved regulators of microtubule dynamics. Using electron microscopy (EM) and high-resolution surface shadowing we have studied the microtubule-bindingExpand
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Implications for the domain arrangement of axonin‐1 derived from the mapping of its NgCAM binding site.
The neuronal cell adhesion molecule axonin‐1 is composed of six immunoglobulin and four fibronectin type III domains. Axonin‐1 promotes neurite outgrowth, when presented as a substratum for neuronsExpand
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Nucleotide‐induced conformations in the neck region of dimeric kinesin
The neck region of kinesin constitutes a key component in the enzyme's walking mechanism. Here we applied cryoelectron microscopy and image reconstruction to investigate the location of the kinesinExpand
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Surface topographies at subnanometer-resolution reveal asymmetry and sidedness of aquaporin-1.
Aquaporin-1 (AQP1) is an abundant protein in human erythrocyte membranes which functions as a specific and constitutively active water conducting pore. Solubilized and isolated as tetramer, it formsExpand
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Crystallization of mitochondrial creatine kinase. Growing of large protein crystals and electron microscopic investigation of microcrystals consisting of octamers.
Mitochondrial creatine kinase isolated from chicken cardiac muscle was crystallized by vapor diffusion techniques. Depending on the growth conditions, fine needles and platelets as well as largeExpand
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Surface analysis of the photosystem I complex by electron and atomic force microscopy.
Two-dimensional (2D) crystals of the photosystem I (PSI) reaction center from Synechococcus sp. OD24 were analyzed by electron and atomic force microscopy. Surface relief reconstructions fromExpand
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Image Reconstructions of Microtubules Decorated with Monomeric and Dimeric Kinesins: Comparison with X-Ray Structure and Implications for Motility
We have decorated microtubules with monomeric and dimeric kinesin constructs, studied their structure by cryoelectron microscopy and three-dimensional image reconstruction, and compared the resultsExpand
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Crystallization of the human, mitochondrial voltage-dependent anion-selective channel in the presence of phospholipids.
Overexpressed human voltage-dependent anion-selective channel VDAC or porin from mitochondrial outer membranes has been purified to homogeneity. Electron microscopic analysis of VDAC in detergentExpand
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Localization of the lipopolysaccharides in metal-shadowed reconstituted lipid-porin membranes
Abstract The Escherichia coli outer membrane is a complex asymmetric supramolecular assembly composed of integral membrane proteins including several channelforming porins, phospholipids, andExpand
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Imaging the asymmetrical DNA bend induced by repressor activator protein 1 with scanning tunneling microscopy.
The yeast Repressor Activator Protein 1 (RAP1) binds a 13-bp consensus found in many transcriptional regulatory regions, in silencer elements, and in telomeric repeat DNA of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Expand
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