Heinz Gartmann

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A malignant blue nevus of the right upper arm with hematogeneous lung metastases is presented. Histological examination showed that the tumor was composed of spindle, dendritic, and globular cells with hyperchromatic and polymorphic nuclei, atypical mitoses, and tumor cell necrosis. There was no proliferation of atypical melanocytes at the dermoepidermal(More)
Fifty-two congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) as precursors to melanoma or severe melanocytic dysplasia were reviewed macroscopically and microscopically. Forty-eight "small" CMN measured less than 10 cm in diameter. Histologically, only five reached to the lower third of the dermis or subcutis ("deep type"); the remaining 47 were limited to the upper two(More)
Two derivatives of retinoic acid (13-cis-beta-retinoic acid and retinoic acid ethylamide, VASD) were orally administered to 26 hospitalized patients with wide-spread psoriasisfor three weeks. After the systemic administration of VASD we continued the therapy with topical application of anthralin (0.1–1.0%) and salicylic acid (10%) in petrolatum. After 3(More)
According to the quantity of single atypical melanocytes at the dermoepidermal junction 334 nevi were assigned to 3 groups: (1) with pronounced nuclear and cellular atypia (n = 73); (2) with moderate atypia (n = 127), and (3) without atypical melanocytes (n = 134). Three architectural features were almost exclusively observed in groups 1 and 2 with cellular(More)