Heinz Frank

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– In this paper a new way of transporting parts in production systems is described. Based on the fact that in nature the highest speeds are reached at flight, a bio-inspired technical approach for the fast transportation of objects is derived. Objects shall be thrown by a throwing device and are caught again by a catching device. Such a transport approach(More)
View integration is an effective technique for developing large conceptual database models. The universe of discourse is described from the viewpoint of different user groups or parts of the system resulting in a set of external models. In a second step these models have to be integrated into a common conceptual database schema. In this work we present a(More)
For object-oriented databases we propose a new technique for optimizing queries containing method invocations. This technique is based on the definition of inverse methods and query rewriting. It can be viewed as providing computed inverted access structures like (secondary) indexes provide stored inverted access structures. This technique can be applied to(More)
In this paper we present a research project aiming at the design and development of an Object–Relational Data Warehousing System (ORDAWA). of Technology. Important goals of the project are to develop techniques for the integration and consolidation of different external data sources in an object/relational data warehouse, the construction and maintenance of(More)
Object-Oriented modeling and design methodologies have been receiving a significant attention since they allow a quick and easy-to-gasp overview about a complex model. However, in the literature there are no formal frameworks that allow designers to verify the consistency (absence of contradictions) of both the static and dynamic components of the specified(More)