Heinz Faßbender

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During the execution of functional logic programs, E-unification problems have to be solved quite frequently, where the underlying equational theory is induced by recursive functions. But, what about the decidability of those E-unification problems? Up to now, there does not exist a concrete answer to this question for classes of equational theories which(More)
We formalize a universal uni cation algorithm for the class of equational theories which is induced by the class of canonical totally de ned not strictly subuni able term rewriting systems for short ctn trs For a ctn trs R and for two terms t and s the algorithm computes a ground complete set of ER uni ers of t and s where ER is the set of rewrite rules of(More)
During the execution of functional logic programs particular E uni cation pro blems have to be solved quite frequently In this paper we contribute to the e cient solution of such problems in the case where E is induced by particular term rewriting systems called macro tree transducers We formalize the implementation of a deter ministic partial E uni cation(More)
We describe the concepts and experiences we have made in an ongoing project by modeling and reengineering an experimental command and control information system which is nearly completely implemented in Ada95. For this purpose, we use the UML tool <i>Software through Pictures</i> from Aonix which includes a reengineering component that produces class(More)
This paper contributes to the field of functional programming languages. We investigate the call-by-name and call-by-need implementation of a restricted type of functional programming, calledsyntax directed functional programming; the target of this implementation is an abstract machine that is based on nested stacks. In fact, the technical kernel of this(More)