Heinz Dobler

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Defining custom problem types in genetic programming (GP) software systems is a tedious task that usually involves the implementation of custom classes and methods including framework-specific code. Users who want to solve a custom problem have to know the details of the targeted framework, for instance cloning semantics, and often have to write a lot of(More)
Coco-2 [Dobler90] is a new compiler compiler with two interesting features: It allows the specification of the lexical structure, syntax and semantics of a source language within a single document <i>and</i> it implements a new top-down parsing method. This paper focuses on the new parsing method that conveniently incorporates the evaluation of semantic(More)
Compilers typically use either a top-down or a bottom-up strategy for parsing as well as semantic evaluation. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages: bottom-up parsing supports LR(k) grammars but is limited to S-or LR-attribution while top-down parsing is restricted to LL(k) grammars but supports L-attribution. The goal of the work described(More)