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Defining custom problem types in genetic programming (GP) software systems is a tedious task that usually involves the implementation of custom classes and methods including framework-specific code. Users who want to solve a custom problem have to know the details of the targeted framework, for instance cloning semantics, and often have to write a lot of(More)
Coco-2 [Dobler90] is a new compiler compiler with two interesting features: It allows the specification of the lexical structure, syntax and semantics of a source language within a single document <i>and</i> it implements a new top-down parsing method. This paper focuses on the new parsing method that conveniently incorporates the evaluation of semantic(More)
The data-driven decision support tool built around the SAS technology has been developed to support the evaluation and monitoring of the quality of educational process. The tool forms an integrated framework that can be used for managing of teaching and learning processes and for performing comparative studies in the participating institutions. The tool(More)