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Two linear time (and hence asymptotically optimal) algorithms for computing the Euclidean distance transform of a two-dimensional binary image are presented. The algorithms are based on the construction and regular sampling of the Voronoi diagram whose sites consist of the unit (feature) pixels in the image. The rst algorithm, which is of primarily(More)
High-throughput RNA sequencing enables quantification of transcripts (both known and novel), exon/exon junctions and fusions of exons from different genes. Discovery of gene fusions-particularly those expressed with low abundance- is a challenge with short- and medium-length sequencing reads. To address this challenge, we implemented an RNA-Seq mapping(More)
We report on two children with cerebral gliomas showing extensive lipomatous change of tumor cells. One tumor was a large mass occupying the temporal and occipital lobes of the left hemisphere; the other was a cystic lesion with a mural nodule in the left frontal lobe. Histologically, both tumors were composed of glial cells that contained fat droplets(More)
In co-operation with the Viennatone Company we developed an apparatus to perform a "semiautomatic speech audiometry (SAS)". The patient is instructed to repeat the understood words into a cassette recorder when a signal lamp is on. The sequence of the test including the attenuation of intensities and a programmed change of the ear to be tested is(More)
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