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1. The concentrations of the oxidized and reduced substrates of the lactate-, beta-hydroxybutyrate- and glutamate-dehydrogenase systems were measured in rat livers freeze-clamped as soon as possible after death. The substrates of these dehydrogenases are likely to be in equilibrium with free NAD(+) and NADH, and the ratio of the free dinucleotides can be(More)
The tissue contents of the reactants of the myokinase (EC and the combined glyceraldehyde-3-phophate dehydrogenase (EC kinase (EC reactions were measured in rapidly inactivated samples of human blood and rat brain, muscle, and liver. The tissue contents of the reactants of the creatine kinase (EC
1. Ketone-body utilization in fed and starved adult and suckling rats has been investigated by measuring arterio-venous differences across the brain. Venous blood was collected from the confluence of sinuses and arterial blood from the femoral artery in adult rats and by cardiac puncture in suckling rats. 2. During starvation the arterio-venous difference(More)
In order to replace copper fungicides in organic potato production, 53 copper-free preparations (CFPs) based on natural compounds, including plant extracts and microorganisms, and five copper preparations were evaluated for their potential to control Phytophthora infestans, the pathogen that causes late blight of potatoes. In in vitro assays, 30% of the(More)
1. A search was made for mechanisms which may exert a ;fine' control of the glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase reaction in rat liver, the rate-limiting step of the oxidative pentose phosphate cycle. 2. The glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase reaction is expected to go virtually to completion because the primary product (6-phosphogluconate lactone) is rapidly(More)
1. The concentrations of the oxidized and reduced substrates of the ;malic' enzyme (EC and isocitrate dehydrogenase (EC were measured in freeze-clamped rat livers. By assuming that the reactants of these dehydrogenase systems are at equilibrium in the cytoplasm the [free NADP(+)]/[free NADPH] ratio was calculated. The justification of(More)
1. The ratio [ATP]/[ADP][P(i)], as measured by direct determination of the three components in rat liver, was found in various nutritional states to have approximately the same value as the ratio [ATP]/[ADP][P(i)] calculated from the concentrations of lactate, pyruvate, glyceraldehyde phosphate and 3-phosphoglycerate on the assumption that lactate(More)
1. The equilibrium constant at 38 degrees and I 0.25 of the triose phosphate isomerase reaction was found to be 22.0 and that of the aldolase reaction, 0.99x10(-4)m. The [dihydroxyacetone phosphate]/[glyceraldehyde phosphate] ratio was found to be 9.3 in rat liver. The causes of the apparent deviation of the triose phosphate isomerase system from(More)