Heinrich Rake

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In June 1996, an edition of the Journal IEEE Control systems was dedicated to the historical development of control. There were seven outstanding papers written by well known control experts. Stuart Bennett, e. g., contributed a splendid and thorough introductory article on the periods before 1900 as well as on the following years until about 1955. This was(More)
A typical mechatronics system consists of a mechanical process, electromechanical actuators, electronic sensors and a controller unit with the corresponding software. In this paper a microcontroller-based digital feedback control of a positioning device for a ventilation machine is presented. This kind of machine should allow either a volumeor a(More)
In a co-operation between the Institute of Automatic Control at the Aachen University of Technology and the Dräger Medizintechnik GmbH, Lübeck, a well-known developer and manufacturer of respiration devices, a digital feedback control strategy for the pressure-based ventilation was developed. However, the achieved controller is not robust(More)
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