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Two cases of pseudomyxoma peritonei are presented. The gelatinous mucus was biochemically analyzed. The mucus contained approximately 98% protein and 2% to 5% carbohydrate per unit of dry weight. The predominant carbohydrate components were galactose and mannosamine. The mucus also had thromboplastic activity. Because of these findings, dextran sulfate, at(More)
We describe a boy with monosomy for the distal part of the short arm of chromosome 3. He had a congenital heart defect, tetramelic hexadactyly, and typical craniofacial anomalies. Comparison with previously reported cases confirms that the phenotype consists of an identifiable pattern of malformation.
The risk of developing cancer in the contralateral breast is five to seven times the risk of cancer occurrence for the normal female population. In patients in 365 consecutive operations, 15 frankly invasive cancers and four metastatic lesions were found in the contralateral breast as well as an additional 28 lesions in situ, totaling 13%. An additional 30%(More)
An endodermal sinus tumor (endodermal germ cell carcinoma) was diagnosed in a 1-year-old girl in the vagina after vaginal hemorrhage; the tumor was completely removed by radical abdominal surgery. Postoperative polychemotherapy was performed for two years with Actinomycin D, Adriamycin, Vincristin, and Cyclophosphamide. The infant is now tumor-free for 26(More)
A placenta percreta must be expected in 7% of all cases of abnormal implantation of the placenta. Placenta percreta is therefore a rare but serious complication of pregnancy. In 15% of the cases spontaneous rupture of the uterus occurs. Depending on the type of delivery, the maternal mortality ranges from 6-30%. Early hysterectomy is the method of choice to(More)
Some form of predisposition to breast cancer can be inherited, but it is not known whether the same applies to precancerous lesions of the breast. We are reporting on an identical incidence of carcinoma lobulare in situ type B in monozygotic twins. The case report illustrates that in identical twins the environment is usually more similar than in the(More)
  • H Nienhaus
  • 1977
Fine needle aspiration biopsy cytology allows safe morphologic tumor diagnosis in the prostate based on cytologic and histologic criteria. Specific technical difficulties of the procedure are not greater than in surgical pathology. The standardized equipment developed by FRANZEN is recommended. Aspiration biopsy is atraumatic and without complications. The(More)