Heinrich Kleisli

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Résumé. Cet article montre comment on peut utiliser la construction de Chu afin de simplifier la construction assez complexe de la catégorie ∗-autonome des boules qui sont réflexives et ζ-ζ∗-complètes donnée par le premier auteur dans les articles [Barr, 1976, 1979]. Abstract. This paper shows how the use of the “Chu construction” can simplify the rather(More)
Let C be a full subcategory of the category of topological abelian groups and SPC denote the full subcategory of subobjects of products of objects of C. We say that SPC has Mackey coreeections if there is a functor that assigns to each object A of SPC an object A that has the same group of characters as A and is the nest topology with that property. We show(More)
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