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This report provides general guidelines for the structure of a curriculum, followed by specific advice on the principles of learning and teaching, the process of restructuring and change leadership and management. It provides examples of several educational philosophies, including vertical and horizontal integration. It discusses the use of competence,(More)
It is assumed that above a critical level, microleakage causes periapical disease and jeopardizes periapical tissue repair. The purpose of this investigation was first to find out to what degree obturation prevents leakage of bacteria-sized particles or large protein molecules, and second if leakage of the commonly used dye methylene blue is comparable with(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure burnout development, outcome of expectations with regard to dental career and feelings of being unprepared for practice among newly graduated general dental practitioners. METHODS In 1997, 50 dentists were approached to fill in the Maslach Burnout Inventory, Dutch version (UBOS) and some additional variables between six months and(More)