Heinrich Küttler

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Concerted evolution leading to homogenization of tandemly repeated DNA arrays is widespread and important for genome evolution. We investigated the range and nature of the process at chromosomal and array levels using the 1.688 tandem repeats of Drosophila melanogaster where large arrays are present in the heterochromatin of chromosomes 2, 3, and X, and(More)
DeepMindLab is a first-person 3Dgameplatformdesigned for research and development of general artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. DeepMind Lab can be used to study how autonomous artificial agents may learn complex tasks in large, partially observed, and visually diverse worlds. DeepMindLab has a simple and flexibleAPI enabling creative(More)
This paper introduces SC2LE (StarCraft II Learning Environment), a reinforcement learning environment based on the game StarCraft II. This domain poses a new grand challenge for reinforcement learning, representing a more difficult class of problems than considered in most prior work. It is a multi-agent problem with multiple players interacting; there is(More)
We quantify the asymptotic vanishing of the ground-state overlap of two noninteracting Fermi gases in d -dimensional Euclidean space in the thermodynamic limit. Given two one-particle Schrödinger operators in nite-volume which di er by a compactly supported bounded potential, we prove a power-law upper bound on the ground-state overlap of the corresponding(More)
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