Heinrich J. Stüttgen

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The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is currently working on the development of Differentiated Services (DiffServ). DiffServ seems to be a promising technology for next-generation IP networks supporting Quality-of-Services (QoS). Emerging applications such as IP telephony and time-critical business applications can benefit significantly from the(More)
We evaluate the beaviour of a implementation of a Differentiated Services router based on a Linux PC. Our results show, that both per-hop-behaviours — expedited and assured forwarding — are able to provide a guaranteed bandwidth together with a very small delay and jitter even in a highly congested network.
This paper describes extensions to the popular socket programming interface that provide applications direct access to the services of ATM networks. Instead of designing an entirely new API or adding new socket function calls, the existing calls were slightly modified to provide the necessary functionality, leaving the basic socket model unchanged. This(More)
ADSL technology provides a new platform for delivering broadband services to homes and small businesses, supporting a wide variety of high bandwidth applications. Since Multicast is essential in many of these high bandwidth applications, Multicast support will be a key requirement for the success of ADSL networks. In this paper we present two IP Multicast(More)