Heinrich Herbst

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The molecular weight distributions of xanthan polysaccharide were determined by size-exclusion chromatography during batch fermentations in a bubble column. Xanthan with lower weight-mean molecular weight M W * was formed after growth had ceased. Under oxygen limitation, M W * decreased linearly with the specific oxygen uptake rate resulting in lower(More)
Galaxy interactions are thought to be one of the main triggers of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), especially at high luminosities, where the accreted gas mass during the AGN lifetime is substantial. Evidence for a connection between mergers and AGN, however, remains mixed. Possible triggering mechanisms remain particularly poorly understood for luminous AGN,(More)
This is a presentation of the three most utilized methods of desinfection - steam, acethylenoxide aldehyde solution - for anaesthetic equipment as to their costs. During series of tests the wear and tear has been checked. The desinfection by aldehyde solution is worth the price as to the investigation, the current costs and the wear and tear.
Effluents from municipal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are known to be point sources of micropollutants for surface waters. The aim of this study was to examine a reconstructed full-scale ozonation equipped with a pump-injector system for ozone (O3) dosage and a fluidized moving-bed reactor as biological posttreatment at a municipal WWTP utilizing an(More)
The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) has collected more than 150,000 2.1„z„3.5 quasar spectra since 2009. Using this unprecedented sample, we create a composite spectrum in the rest-frame of 102,150 quasar spectra from 800–3300Å at a signal-to-noise ratio close to 1000 per pixel (Δv of 69 km s). Included in this analysis is a correction to(More)
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