Heinrich Hartmann

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In recent years, political parties have adopted Online Delegative Democracy platforms such as LiquidFeedback to organise themselves and their political agendas via a grassroots approach. A common objection against the use of these platforms is the delegation system, where a user can delegate his vote to another user, giving rise to so-called super-voters,(More)
The adsorption properties of structurally well defined bimetallic Pt/Ru(0001) surfaces, consisting of a Ru(0001) substrate partly or fully covered by monolayer Pt islands or a monolayer Pt film, were studied by temperature programmed desorption (TPD) using CO and deuterium as probe molecules. Additionally, the adsorption of CO was investigated by infrared(More)
The River Aksu is the principal tributary to the River Tarim, providing about three quarters of its discharge. It originates in Kyrgyzstan and flows into the arid areas of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China, where an extensive irrigated agriculture has been developed in the river oases. The aim of the present contribution is to review the(More)
The stability of three ultrathin TiO(x)/Pt(111) films with different stoichiometry and defectivity and the corresponding Au/TiO(x)/Pt(111) model catalysts in CO or a CO-O(2) (1 : 1) gas mixture up to a pressure of 100 mbar has been investigated. According to previous studies, the ultrathin films proved to be effective substrates to deposit in UHV Au(More)
Military statistics and medical research were closely related over the 19th century. The army not only made use of these new forms of knowledge, but also provided an important institutional setting through the military medicine, which was of crucial importance to medical research in the 19th century. Besides that, Swiss military also played a crucial role(More)
We demonstrate that the (local) adsorbed carbon monoxide, COad , coverage on the Pt-free areas of bimetallic Pt/Ru(0001) surfaces (a Ru(0001) substrate partly covered by Pt monolayer islands) can be increased to ∼0.80 monolayers (ML), well above the established saturation COad coverage of 0.68 ML, even under ultrahigh vacuum conditions by using spill-over(More)
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