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A key to advancing the understanding of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)-like symptoms is the development of spontaneous animal models. Over 55 generations of bidirectional selection for nest-building behavior in house mice, Mus musculus, resulted in a 40-fold difference in the amount of cotton used for a nest in high (BIG) and low (SMALL) selected(More)
The extra element theorem is applied to the optimal design of impedance loaded electrically-small antennas. The applicability of the extra element theorem includes active and non-Foster loading. A key component of the framework of the extra element theorem termed null-double injection is shown to provide a direct and quantitative determination of the(More)
Expressions giving a lower limit on the radiation Q of electrically small antennas, based on the size of a bounding sphere, are well known in the literature. Many antennas are constrained to fit within elongated regions, and cannot effectively use the volume of the bounding sphere. In this paper, we present lower limits for the Q of vertically polarized(More)
It is known that in a broadband antenna with ideal circular polarization, the antenna impulse responses of the linear components taken individually are related by a Hilbert transform. When considering port-to-port transmission s<inf>21</inf>(&#x03C9;) between two such antennas in free space, it can be easily shown that rotating either antenna about the(More)
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