Heino Sørensen

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We have previously found an increased risk of ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in men with the Lewis phenotype Le(a-b-) and suggested that the Lewis blood group has a close genetic relation with insulin resistance. We have investigated whether any conventional risk factors explain the increased risk in Le(a-b-) men. 3383 men aged 53-75 years were examined in(More)
Regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) was measured by single photon emission computerized tomography of inhaled 133-Xe in 20 chronic alcoholic men. Mean CBF was 51 ml/(100 g x min) compared with 53 ml/(100 g x min) in 20 normals. Reduced cerebellar blood flow correlated both to structural abnormalities seen on CT scan and to cognitive dysfunction. Slight(More)
The phenotypes of the complement factor C3 have been evaluated in 60 patients with multiple sclerosis (M.S.), and the results correlated to the occurrence of circulating immune complexes (CIC). A significantly increased frequency of the C3F-gene was found among the patients, and closely associated with the occurrence of CIC. A relative risk incidence of 4.1(More)
Growth functions have been used to predict market weight of pigs and maximize return over feed costs. This study was undertaken to compare 4 growth functions and methods of analyzing data, particularly one that considers nonlinear repeated measures. Data were collected from an experiment with 40 pigs maintained from birth to maturity and their BW measured(More)
Purpose of the study A pilot study was initiated in Autumn 2009 to better define which diseases have a HIV prevalence of >0.1 % as HIV testing of populations with a HIV prevalence above this has shown to be cost-effective. The preliminary results are reported here. Methods A detailed questionnaire was completed for persons presenting with 8 different(More)
The antisecretory factor is a protein inhibiting enterotoxin-induced intestinal inflammation and hypersecretion. We studied the signaling pathway of three antisecretory factor-derived peptides (A1, A3 and A4) in the proximal and distal porcine small intestine. In vivo (ligated loops), only A3 significantly reduced the cholera toxin-induced fluid(More)
The present study evaluates an assay of cytotoxic effect of plasma from patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Plasma from 20 recently diagnosed ALS patients induced hemolysis of normal red blood cells with a significantly greater intensity than that of normal controls. After at least 1 month of treatment with prednisone and azathioprine, the(More)
Dietary habits in 45 chronic alcoholics were assessed by the dietary history method, and plasma albumin and serum transferrin. These variables as well as clinical findings did not indicate general malnutrition, but a moderate deficiency in folate intake was found. There was no correlation between the nutritional variables and central and peripheral nervous(More)