Heino Sørensen

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Simultaneous equations have become increasingly popular for describing the effects of nutrition on the utilization of ME for protein (PD) and lipid deposition (LD) in animals. The study developed a multivariate nonlinear mixed effects (MNLME) framework and compared it with an alternative method for estimating parameters in simultaneous equations that(More)
Growth functions have been used to predict market weight of pigs and maximize return over feed costs. This study was undertaken to compare 4 growth functions and methods of analyzing data, particularly one that considers nonlinear repeated measures. Data were collected from an experiment with 40 pigs maintained from birth to maturity and their BW measured(More)
Purpose of the study A pilot study was initiated in Autumn 2009 to better define which diseases have a HIV prevalence of >0.1 % as HIV testing of populations with a HIV prevalence above this has shown to be cost-effective. The preliminary results are reported here. Methods A detailed questionnaire was completed for persons presenting with 8 different(More)
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