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145 clinical observations of 114 patients with Crohn's disease and 65 observations of 47 patients with ulcerative colitis were analyzed prospectively concerning the prevalence of pathologically elevated levels of serumamylase or -lipase and acute pancreatitis. Painless hyperamylasemia or hyperlipasemia were found in 18 of 114 patients with Crohn's disease(More)
In a clinical study (1.1.1986-28.2.1988) the oro-cecal transit time of lactulose was studied in 45 patients with liver cirrhosis of different etiologies by hydrogen breath test. The results were compared to the transit time of 16 healthy volunteers. The oro-cecal transit time of patients with alcoholic cirrhosis (means = 154 +/- 29 min.) was significantly(More)
tients with precancerous lesions of the stomach should be followed regularly, since the prognosis of gastric carcinoma is still rather bad. A histochemical method implaying the use of sialic acid is described, which allows differentiation of two forms of intestinal metaplasia of the gastric mucosa, exhibiting possibly different degrees of premalignancy .(More)
In 15 patients with multiple organ failure of septic etiology, some principal partial hepatic functions of drug disposition were measured by the test substances galactose, indocyanine green, theophylline and 4-methylumbelliferon. Glucuronidation was not impaired in any case, whereas flow-limited and capacity-limited drug elimination can be influenced. Drug(More)