Heinke Heise

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Because of the increasing need of reliable skin irritation tests and in order to reduce the number of animal experiments, in vitro alternatives have to be developed. We studied four surfactants and five metal salts for their cytotoxic potency in HaCaT cells, a spontaneously immortalized human keratinocyte line. The endpoint used to assess cellular viability(More)
A system for staging the clinical status of patients with soft tissue sarcomas is presented, based on the clinical characteristics of the primary tumor (size, extension), the involvement of lymph nodes, the presence of metastases, and the grade of the tumor. This represents the TNM system with grade of tumor (G) added. The system evolved was based on(More)
Expression of prostaglandin-H-synthase (PGHS) isozymes was analyzed in 50 biopsies of normal human skin and of pre-malignant and malignant skin lesions, by means of quantitative RT-PCR, immunoprecipitation and Western blotting, as well as immunohistochemistry. Normal skin constitutively expressed PGHS-1 in all cell layers of the epidermis, in endothelial(More)
Eight hundred eighty-seven children with brain tumors were identified by the SEER registries (1973-1980). Twenty-five percent were low-grade supratentorial astrocytomas, medulloblastomas were 23%, cerebellar astrocytomas 12%, high-grade supratentorial astrocytomas 11%, brainstem gliomas 9%, and ependymomas 8%. The worst survivals were in children less than(More)
A staging system, based upon the experience of 1215 patients, was published by the American Joint Committee Task Force on Soft Tissue Sarcoma in 1977. A subset of these patients, 594, was selected to study recurrence-free survival time. The authors found 331 patients with a recurrence within 5 years (100 local only, 123 metastatic only, and 108 local +(More)
One hundred ninety-one cases of unilateral noninvasive breast carcinoma were studied with regard to the development of subsequent cancers in the contralateral breast. The majority of patients were treated by mastectomy and have been followed for an average of nine years. Their overall survival did not differ significantly from that of age-specific(More)
There is no known effective treatment for lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. It is therefore necessary to check new methods of treatment. We treated 14 patients with testosterone propionate ointment. In 10 of 14 cases the desired result was achieved. This therapeutic effect was more effective than the results in the control group.
A follow-up study was made of two independent series of 1,807 and 425 children who were alive five years after diagnosis of a malignant neoplasm. Over the subsequent 20 years (5 to 24 years after initial diagnosis), actuarial survival rates for the cohorts were 83% and 79%, respectively, compared to 97% for matched control subjects in the general population(More)
Injections of bovine collagen are a common procedure for correction of folds in the face. However, this therapy is not free from side effects. We present a patient in whom a granulomatous inflammation occurred following implantation of this material. We therefore now insist on an observation interval of 4 weeks between test injection and actual treatment,(More)