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A 25-year-old patient was treated for a malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the elbow which appeared 6 3/4 years after a severe injury at this site. The reasons for assumption of a causal relationship between the trauma and tumor development are discussed.
Ten patients with metastatic testicular or ovarian carcinoma were treated with cis-platinum II diaminedichloride. All had received prior chemotherapy with other agents. A therapeutic effect was seen in 7 cases, though it was of short duration in all instances. The drug proved to be very nephrotoxic and caused marked bone marrow depression. The future of(More)
A new two-dimensional process modeling program written in Fortran is described. For the first time, this program allows the simulation of all important processing steps occurring in typical sequences involved in the fabrication of integrated circuits such as doping, oxidation, lithography, etching, and layer deposition. The program possesses a modular(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) simulations of conventional and collimated sputter deposition of titanium into contact holes with high aspect ratios have been carried out using a 3D topography simulator. In this simulation program the device surface is discretized by a set of triangles. The layer growth rate for each triangle is determined by calculating the flux of(More)