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Parkinson's disease is increasingly viewed as a complex disorder including a range of typical non-motor symptoms in addition to the cardinal motor signs. This cohort was set up in 2010 to investigate the specificity of non-motor symptoms for Parkinson's disease. For this, we included several control groups with decreasing contrast from Parkinson's disease(More)
OBJECTIVES To review current knowledge on nonmotor symptoms (NMS), particularly psychiatric features, in genetic Parkinson disease (PD) and to provide original data for genetic and idiopathic PD. DATA SOURCES A MEDLINE search using Parkinson and known PD genes focused on the presence of depression, anxiety, hallucinations, and dementia was performed.(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a disorder with high prevalence in primary health care and a significant burden of illness. The delivery of health care for depression, as well as other chronic illnesses, has been criticized for several reasons and new strategies to address the needs of these illnesses have been advocated. Case management is a patient-centered(More)
HEALTH POLITICAL BACKGROUND The comparison of the effectiveness of health technologies is not only laid down in German law (Social Code Book V, § 139 and § 35b) but also constitutes a central element of clinical guidelines and decision making in health care. Tools supporting decision making (e. g. Health Technology Assessments (HTA)) are therefore in need(More)
BACKGROUND An ageing population, a growing prevalence of chronic diseases and limited financial resources for health care underpin the importance of prevention of disabling health disorders and care dependency in the elderly. A wide variety of measures is generally available for the prevention of falls and fall-related injuries. The spectrum ranges from(More)
Back pain severity has extensively been targeted in clinical and epidemiologic studies. However, despite the importance of a valid pain severity grading its adequate conceptualization in the general population has received comparatively little attention. The potentially misleading influence of measurement error remains unclear. Latent variable models allow(More)
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Anlässe und Motive der EBM Wenn man eine " aktuelle Notwen-digkeit " für möglich hält: welche Not könnte gemeint sein? Gibt es, anders gefragt, überhaupt noch Ra-tionalitätsdefizite in der Medizin? Vier beunruhigende Phänomene hat die Versorgungsforschung in der letzten Dekade ausführlich unter-sucht und diskutiert: • Zuerst das Phänomen der geogra-phischen(More)
BACKGROUND "Patient-Reported Outcome" (PRO) is used as an umbrella term for different concepts for measuring subjectively perceived health status e. g. as treatment effects. Their common characteristic is, that the appraisal of the health status is reported by the patient himself. In order to describe the informative value of PRO in Health Technology(More)
As many breast cancer cases are detected outside mammographic screening, a multidisciplinary quality management (QuaMaDi) project involving gynaecologists, double reading by radiologists. and centralised assessment, documentation, evaluation and feedback was implemented into routine breast cancer diagnosis in part of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) with a(More)