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Hepatocytes were isolated from wild-type and connexin32-deficient (Cx32-deficient) mice. Pairs of cells were chosen to study the electrical properties of gap junction channels using the dual voltage-clamp method. The total gap junction currents revealed that Cx32-deficient hepatocytes express one type of connexin (Cx26) and wild-type hepatocytes express two(More)
Olfactory receptors are the largest group of orphan G protein-coupled receptors with an infinitely small number of agonists identified out of thousands of odorants. The de-orphaning of olfactory receptor (OR) is complicated by its combinatorial odorant coding and thus requires large scale odorant and receptor screening and establishing receptor-specific(More)
Here we present a method by which gap junction-mediated intercellular diffusion of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) molecules can be monitored in "real-time" and the cAMP permeability of different gap junction channels can be compared. Intercellular cAMP diffusion was investigated throughout this study in human HeLa cells coexpressing murine(More)
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