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OBJECTIVES To develop the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) recommendations for conducting clinical studies and/or clinical trials in systemic vasculitis. METHODS An expert consensus group was formed consisting of rheumatologists, nephrologists and specialists in internal medicine representing five European countries and the USA, a clinical(More)
STUDY DESIGN A population-based cross-sectional multiregion postal survey. OBJECTIVE To provide a descriptive epidemiology of the prevalence and severity of back pain in German adults and to analyze sociodemographic correlates for disabling back pain within and across regions. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Back pain is a leading health problem in Germany.(More)
Vertebral fracture is one of the major adverse clinical consequences of osteoporosis; however, there are few data concerning the incidence of vertebral fracture in population samples of men and women. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of vertebral fracture in European men and women. A total of 14,011 men and women aged 50 years and over(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE This analysis aimed to compare the response rates of those invited to attend for screening in a multicentre, multinational study within Europe. DESIGN This was a population survey. SETTING Thirty four centres in 16 European countries. SUBJECTS Men and women aged 50 years and over were recruited from population based sampling frames to(More)
Die “Prävalenz” chronischer Schmerzen in der Allgemeinbevölkerung reicht je nach Untersuchung und Definition von 10% bis über 40%. Chronische Schmerzen sind mit hohen direkten und indirekten Kosten für das Gesundheitswesen auf der einen Seite und einer erheblichen persönlichen Beeinträchtigungen der Lebensqualität des Einzelnen auf der anderen Seite(More)
STUDY DESIGN Population-based cross-sectional postal survey and interview substudy. OBJECTIVES To examine the association between socioeconomic status and severe back pain and to determine whether this association can be explained by occupational factors. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Like other disorders, back pain and its consequences are inversely(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the nosological concept of fibromyalgia in the general population. METHODS A postal survey of rheumatic pain and non-specific bodily complaints was sent to all 3174 German female residents of Bad Säckingen, Germany, aged 35 to 74 yr. A stratified random sample of 653 subjects was further examined in a clinical survey. RESULTS On the(More)
BACKGROUND The European Vertebral Osteoporosis Study Group (EVOS) developed a questionnaire, back translated into 14 different European languages, for use in a multinational epidemiological study of vertebral osteoporosis. We investigated the reproducibility of this questionnaire in four of the participating study centres. METHODS In all 151 men and(More)
This paper describes conceptual and clinimetric aspects as well as fields of application of the Hannover Functional Ability Questionnaire for measuring back pain-related disability (FFbH-R). The FFbH-R belongs to a series of short self-administered questionnaires for the assessment of functional limitations in activities of daily living among patients with(More)
Between November 1984 and July 1988 a total of 8044 randomly selected German residents of the city of Hannover/FRG, aged 25 to 74, have been screened for rheumatic complaints by means of a postal questionnaire. An average 87% of the probands contacted returned completed questionnaires. Respondents with a "positive" questionnaire, i.e. suggestive of the(More)