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Two-photon absorption cross sections delta and solvatochromic properties were determined for a series of quadrupolar and dipolar compounds by using femtosecond excitation in the spectral range between 710 and 960 nm. The compounds investigated were distyrylbenzenes and polyenes bearing appropriate pi or sigma acceptors. The delta values for the(More)
In the title compound, C(44)H(48)N(6), the essentially planar mol-ecule [maximum deviation from the mean plane of the π system of 0.271 (3) Å] is located on a crystallographic centre of inversion. The almost planar (angle sums at N atoms = 357.6 and 357.1°) dimethyl-amino groups and short C-N bonds of the aniline groups [both 1.379 (4) Å] indicate strong(More)
Weakly bound molecular complexes play an important role in chemistry, physics, and biodisciplines. The preequilibrium pi-complexes of various alkenes with bromine have been examined quantitatively, and a direct relationship between association constants (KF) of these pi-complexes and polarizability of the olefins was found. The stability of the Br2-olefin(More)
The title benzaldehyde, C(17)H(27)NO, was prepared via lithia-tion of bromoaniline and reaction with DMF. In the crystal, the molecule adopts a C2-symmetrical conformation; nevertheless, two modes of disorder are present: the orientation of the aldehyde group (occupancy ratio 0.5:0.5) and of symmetry-equivalent ethyl groups [occupancy ratio 0.595 (7):0.405(More)
Tristriazolotriazines with a threefold dialkoxyaryl substitution have been prepared by Huisgen reaction of cyanuric chloride and the corresponding tetrazoles. Although these dyes show a negative or inverted solvatochromism of the UV/Vis absorption, their fluorescence is strongly positive solvatochromic. These discotic fluorophores are also emissive in their(More)
The title compound, C(26)H(30)N(4), was prepared by condensation of tetra-methyl-pyrazine and dimethyl-amino-benzaldehyde and crystallizes from chloro-form/methanol in two different forms. Block-shaped crystals belong to the monoclinic crystal system and plates to the triclinic system. The two crystal forms differ in the arrangement of the centrosymmetric(More)
A series of linear and angular distyrylpyrazines and lateral donor groups has been prepared by aldol condensation between dimethylpyrazines and the appropriate aromatic aldehyde. The optical absorption and emission properties of these systems were studied in different solvents and media. The materials display a strong solvatochromism of the emission that is(More)
A phosphine-catalysed addition of gramine to an alkyl-idene-amino-nitrile gives the title compound, C(25)H(24)N(4), in good yield. In the crystal, pairs of mol-ecules are connected via N-H⋯N hydrogen bonds into inversion dimers. The mol-ecules are characterized by a planar indole moiety [maximum deviation = 0.012 (1) Å], a chair conformation of the(More)
The present review deals with the preparation and the properties of star-shaped conjugated compounds. Three, four or six conjugated arms are attached to crossconjugated cores, which consist of single atoms (B, C, N), benzene or azine rings or polycyclic ring systems, as for example triphenylene or tristriazolotriazine. Many of these shape-persistent [n]star(More)