Heimo Uhrmann

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Future manufacturing is envisioned to be highly flexible and adaptable. New technologies for efficient engineering of reconfigurable systems and their adaptations are preconditions for this vision. Without such solutions, engineering adaptations of Industrial Process Measurement and Control Systems (IPMCS) will exceed the costs of engineered systems by far(More)
DVB-H is a new standard for mobile TV, hence new receivers for the integration in SoCs are needed, to offer mobile TV on various mobile devices. In DVB-H receivers a direct conversion receiver is often used that transfers the RF signal directly into the base band. We propose a fully differential operational amplifier for the low-pass filter in a DVB-H(More)
In this paper we discuss the influence of deep-sub-micron CMOS technology on analog circuit design with a special focus on the noise performance and the ability to design low-noise preamplifiers. To point out, why CMOS technology can grow to a key technology in low-noise and high-speed applications, various amplifier stages applied in literature are(More)
A 3<sup>rd</sup>-order current-mode Butterworth low-pass filter is proposed, which is based on current-mode integrators. A new current-mode integrator is realized that offers an area-saving chip design. The low-pass filter is designed and realized in 65nm low-power CMOS technology and needs 215&#x03BC;mx221&#x03BC;m chip area. The power consumption is 12mW(More)
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