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CONCLUSIONS As congenital middle ear cholesteatoma (CMC) is a different disease entity from acquired cholesteatoma, early diagnosis is important for good treatment results. Preoperative computed tomography (CT) imaging is a useful modality for both evaluation of the extent of the disease and selection of appropriate surgical methods. Some modification(More)
Binaural interactions within the inferior colliculus (IC) elicited by electric and acoustic stimuli were investigated in this study. Using a guinea pig model, binaural acoustic stimuli were presented with different time delays, as were combinations of binaural electric and acoustic stimuli. Averaged evoked potentials were measured using electrodes inserted(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the quantitative differences between Korean and English in long-term average speech spectra (LTASS). DESIGN Twenty Korean speakers, who lived in the capital of Korea and spoke standard Korean as their first language, were compared with 20 native English speakers. For the Korean speakers, a passage from a novel and a passage from a(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate acoustic differences between conversational and clear speech of Korean and to evaluate the influence of the gender on the speech clarity using the long-term average speech spectrum (LTASS). METHODS Each subject's voice was recorded using a sound level meter connected to GoldWave program. Average long-term root mean square (RMS)(More)
OBJECTIVE The etiology of Bell's palsy (BP) has not yet been clarified, although viral infection or reactivation is probably a major cause. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of meteorological factors on the onset and incidence of BP. METHODS Meteorological data from 2007 to 2011 were obtained from the Web-based 'Monthly Weather(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the use of a hearing aid at six months post-fitting and to evaluate the predictors of its ongoing use in Korean adults with unilateral hearing impairment (HI). DESIGN Retrospective study at a secondary referral hospital over a 15-year period. STUDY SAMPLE This study analysed 119 adults with unilateral HI who had been recommended(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the electric-acoustic interactions within the inferior colliculus of guinea pigs and to observe how central masking appears in invasive neural recordings of the inferior colliculus (IC). METHODS A platinum-iridium wire was inserted to scala tympani through cochleostomy with a depth no greater than 1 mm for intracochlear(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to measure the external auditory canal (EAC) volume in children directly and to analyze its variation according to age and body weight. METHODS This was a prospective study at a university-based, secondary referral hospital. Volumes of the bony and cartilaginous EACs were measured using a 1 ml tuberculin syringe filled(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the optimal seating position in a noisy classroom for students with unilateral hearing loss (UHL) without any auditory rehabilitation as compared to normal-hearing adults and student peers. DESIGN Speech discrimination scores (SDS) for babble noise at distances of 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 m from a speaker were measured in a simulated(More)
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