Heiko Schimmel

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Tumors of the choroid plexus (CPTs) are rare neoplasms of neuroectodermal origin usually arising in pediatric patients. However, CPT may occur at any age, and their distinction from metastatic carcinomas is often difficult in adult cases. Because CPTs frequently show focal glial differentiation, we now investigated 35 CPTs (19 males and 16 females 0.3-70(More)
The absolute and relative bioavailability of metoclopramide following the administration of a single suppository--test (Gastrosil) and reference preparations--containing 20 mg of the pure drug or after i.v. injection of 17.8 mg was compared in 12 sex matched healthy volunteers according to an open, three-way cross-over, intra-individual design. The(More)
Normative studies were carried out with 8 adult subjects whose averaged evoked responses to auditory stimuli were scored visually and by a number of differently defined quantitative methods (machine scoring). In order to compare different scoring methods a common signal-to-noise ratio measure was introduced based on a model where noise is distributed(More)
A giant cell tumour is a primary lesion of bone of intermediate severity. Its histogenesis is unclear. In a few cases pulmonary metastases have been described. Multiple skeletal metastases in the absence of sarcomatous change have been observed. We present a case report of a 25-year-old woman with a recurrent giant cell tumour of the distal fibula. After a(More)