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The ability to determine the free energy of solvation for a number of small organic molecules with varying sizes and properties from the coordinate trajectory of a single simulation of a given reference state was investigated. The relative free energies were estimated from a single step perturbation using the perturbation formula. The reference state(More)
The configurational entropy of a beta-heptapeptide in solution at four different temperatures is calculated. The contributions of the backbone and of the side-chain atoms to the total peptide entropy are analyzed separately and the effective contribution to the entropy arising from correlations between these terms determined. The correlation between the(More)
The structural and thermodynamic properties of a 6-residue beta-peptide that was designed to form a hairpin conformation have been studied by NMR spectroscopy and MD simulation in methanol solution. The predicted hairpin would be characterized by a 10-membered hydrogen-bonded turn involving residues 3 and 4, and two extended antiparallel strands. The(More)
We present entropy estimates based on molecular dynamics simulations of models of the molten globule state of the protein alpha-lactalbumin at low pH. The entropy calculations use the covariance matrix of atom-positional fluctuations and yield the complete configurational entropy. The configurational entropy of the entire protein and of each of its side(More)
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