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We present an algorithm for the fast mapping of myelin water content using standard multiecho gradient echo acquisitions of the human brain. The method extents a previously published approach for the simultaneous measurement of brain T(1), T(2)(*) and total water content. Employing the multiexponential T(2)(*) decay signal of myelinated tissue, myelin water(More)
The current study investigates the whole brain myelin water content distribution applying a new approach that allows for the simultaneous mapping of total and relative myelin water content, T 1 and T 2* with full brain coverage and high resolution (1 × 1 × 2 mm(3)). The data was collected at two different sites in healthy controls to validate the(More)
—Platelet activation and cell surface dynamics draws significant interest in the scientific community. The current work focuses on the question whether simple geometrical features derived from platelets scanned using standard light microscopy techniques are useful predictors of platelet shape change. The corresponding parameters, such as area or perimeter ,(More)
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