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The neural protein FE65 contains two types of protein-protein interaction modules: one WW binding domain and two phosphotyrosine binding domains. The carboxyl-terminal phosphotyrosine binding domain of FE65 interacts in vivo with the beta-amyloid precursor protein, which is implicated in Alzheimer disease. To understand the function of this adapter protein,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a program of anticipatory guidance in which pediatric residents and nurse practitioners in a continuity practice gave parents books for their young children along with developmentally appropriate educational materials describing why and how to share the books and promoting reading as part of a bedtime routine. STUDY DESIGN Comparison(More)
We examined cumulative and specific types of trauma exposure as predictors of distress and impairment following a multifaceted community disaster. Approximately 3 months after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent looting in Bío Bío, Chile, face-to-face interviews were conducted in 5 provinces closest to the epicenter. Participants (N =(More)
OBJECTIVE A national epidemiological survey in Chile assessed adaptive (health care utilization) and maladaptive (substance use) postearthquake behaviors. METHODS Three months after the 8.8-magnitude 2010 Bio-Bio earthquake, face-to-face interviews were conducted with a representative sample of 2,108 adults. Logistic regression analyses examined(More)
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