Heiko Kaluzni

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The system concept and data transmission experiments for a mobile broad-band communication system at 60 GHz are presented in this paper. Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) is advantageously applied for simultaneous electrooptical upconversion of all optical channels carrying individual intermediate-frequency signals by means of a single external(More)
The paper presents a wireless integrated services communications system for indoor and campus use. Whereas most current indoor wireless systems are distinct solutions for different services, our network, WISCS, covers the entire range from low-rate mobiles to high-speed portables. The system employs a picocellular structure in the 60 GHz band to provide(More)
The paper presents the system design concept for a mobile broadband communications system at 60 GHz. A dense WDM system is used for the optical backbone employing novel addldrop multiplexers. For simplicity, there is no signal processing and frequency generation at the base station and a master oscillator signal are used for millimetric carrier generation.(More)
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