Heiko Jacobsen

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INTRODUCTION Rotaviruses, which are among the most important infectious causes of acute diarrhea, frequently cause outbreaks in hospitals, daycare centers, schools, and nursing homes. These viruses can remain viable on inanimate surfaces for many days and infectious rotavirus particles have been recovered from hands and a variety of surfaces and objects.(More)
Rhinoviruses can survive on environmental surfaces for several hours under ambient conditions. Hands can readily become contaminated after contact with such surfaces, and self-inoculation may lead to infection. Whereas hand washing is crucial in preventing the spread of rhinovirus colds, proper disinfection of environmental surfaces may further reduce(More)
The in vitro contractile effect of neuropeptide Y (NPY) on rat myometrial strips was for the first time demonstrated and characterised, and the EC50 value estimated to be 267 +/- 87 nM. This effect is presumably mediated by the NPY1 receptor being responsible for postsynaptic effects throughout the peripherial nervous system, thus indicating a direct(More)
Presented are density functional calculations on various Mn(salen) systems that are active catalysts in the epoxidation of olefins. Correlation of various structural properties such as Mn=O bond strengths, atomic charges, and C-O distances of evolving bonds in transition state geometries with modified Hammett constants reveal a mechanistic picture of the(More)
BP86 density functional calculations for the title reaction are presented, where a model catalyst with hypochlorite as oxygen-containing counter ligand, (ClO)(O)Mn(acacen') (acacen' = -O(CH)3N-C2H4-N(CH)3O-), is employed. The epoxidation reaction on potential energy surfaces corresponding to an overall spin-density of two and four unpaired electrons is(More)
Understanding the elusive catalytic role of titanium-based additives on the reversible hydrogenation of complex hydrides is an essential step toward developing hydrogen storage materials for the transport sector. Improved bulk diffusion of hydrogen is one of the proposed effects of doping sodium alanate with TiCl3, and here we study hydrogen dynamics in(More)
Ethanol reassimilation in Pichia stipitis CBS 6054 was studied by using continuous cultures, and the oxidation of [1-C]ethanol was monitored by in vivo and in vitro C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Acetate was formed when ethanol was reassimilated. The ATP/ADP ratio and the carbon dioxide production decreased, whereas the malate dehydrogenase(More)
The claim that DFT does not provide an accurate description of a weak Ru-C interaction (J. Chem. Theory Comput.2007, 3, 665-670) is put into broader perspective. The mismatch between structures obtained from DFT (BP86) as well as DFT-D (BP86-D2) calculations of isolated molecules in the gas phase and geometries resulting from X-ray crystal structure(More)
The performance of a series of density functionals when tested on the prediction of the phosphane substitution energy of transition metal complexes is evaluated. The complexes Fe-BDA and Ru-COD (BDA=benzylideneacetone, COD=cyclooctadiene) serve as reference systems, and calculated values are compared with the experimental values in THF as obtained from(More)