Heiko Hinkelmann

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A compact chip identification (ID) circuit with improved reliability is presented. Ring oscillators are used to measure the spatial process variation and the ID is based on their relative speeds. A novel averaging and postprocess-ing scheme is employed to accurately determine the faster of two similar-frequency ring oscillators in the presence of noise.(More)
Increasing power consumption and growing design effort are considered limiting factors in the design of chip-wide synchronous System-on-Chip designs. The attempt to get over these problems leads to an intensified look at asynchronous communication solutions, sometimes based on Network-on-Chips. Despite this basically asynchronous approach, most of the(More)
In this paper, we present a methodology for rapid pro-totyping of wireless sensor networks that allows to embed sophisticated debugging functionality in a mote prototype and thereby monitor entire networks. We achieve this goal by combining two fundamental concepts: the use of a re-configurable sensor node prototype platform, and an auxiliary network(More)