Heiko Henning

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The neuroanatomical distribution of nitric oxide synthase-immunoreactive neurons was investigated in post mortem hypothalami of 10 patients suffering from schizophrenia, eight patients with depression and 13 matched control cases. Neuronal nitric oxide synthase containing nerve cells were detected in several hypothalamic nuclei including the medial preoptic(More)
Subtle cytoarchitectural abnormalities of the rostral entorhinal cortex have been reported to be characteristic for schizophrenics. A main finding was the heterotopic displacement of clusters of lamina II neurons (which appeared morphologically immature) into layer III. Recent findings suggesting a considerable cytoarchitectural heterogeneity of the normal(More)
Beta-Endorphin immunoreactivity has been localized in 12 regions of the post mortem human cerebral cortex by using a polyclonal antiserum specifically recognizing the peptide. Cell bodies and proximal dendrites of certain cortical neurons (mostly interneurons) were densely populated with nerve endings immunoreactive for beta-endorphin. These(More)
Epstein SE: Long-term fate of coronary artery bypass grafts and functional status of patients five years after operation. N Progress study of 590 consecutive non-surgical cases of coronary disease followed five to nine years. Angiographic correlations. Jr: Coronary artery anatomy before and after direct revascularization surgery: clinical and cine(More)
Mammalian spermatozoa utilize ATP as the energy source for key functions on the route to fertilization. ATP and its precursor nucleotides ADP and AMP are regularly investigated in sperm physiology studies, mostly by bioluminescence assays. Assay results vary widely, mainly due to different efficiencies in nucleotide extraction and prevention of their(More)
There is growing evidence that early life exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals might increase the risk for certain adult onset diseases, in particular reproductive health problems and hormone dependent cancers. Studies in rodents suggest that perinatal exposure to even low doses of estrogenic substances can cause adverse effects, including epigenetic(More)
Concentrated, non-crystallizing colloidal sus-pensions in their approach of the glass state exhibit distinct dynamics patterns. These patterns suggest a powerlaw rheological constitutive model for near-glass viscoelasticity, as presented here. The rheo-logical parameters used for this model originate in the mode-coupling theory. The proposed constitutive(More)
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