Heiko Friedel

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The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of occupations and job exposures on morbidity-related early retirement in Germany by estimation of work-related relative and attributable risks. Occupational histories of 28,000 persons, who were granted a disability pension in 1999, and of some 260,000 employed persons serving as controls were recorded.(More)
Although early retirement causes major changes in the life of schizophrenic patients and is among the major cost factors to be covered by payers, the causes leading to early retirement of schizophrenic patients have not been investigated in detail. Therefore, the objective of this retrospective non-interventional case-control study was to generate(More)
Patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) are in need of cost-intensive treatment involving different aspects of the German Health System. Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is the treatment of choice for a large proportion of cases. In the present study, an analysis of the cost impact of ACS with focus on PCI therapy was conducted across-the-board(More)
BACKGROUND Exposure to radiation resulting from diagnostic imaging procedures probably increases late cancer risk. Patterns of care regarding the application of computed tomography (CT) imaging in testicular cancer patients were investigated. METHODS The database of a large German health insurance company comprising 850,000 insured men was searched for(More)
It is referred to the importance of the nicotine abuse as the evoking factor for the origination of bronchial carcinoma and to the necessity of an activation of the combat against the addiction to cigarettes, when the numbers of diseases shall be decreased. The at present still only possibility of therapy with curative character is the surgical(More)
Treatment costs for type 2 diabetes account for a substantial amount of the expenses for statutory health care funds. Within a study sample of the year 2005, 6.8 % of the insured were being treated for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Compared to the non-diabetic insured in the sample, patients included more males and older persons. Employed diabetics also showed(More)
The study indicates the patient-centered care of patients with asthma with fixed-dose combination therapy (with three different combinations) regarding the claims-data of several sickness funds. The identified patients were grouped according to their fixed-dose combination, their course of treatment and the number of treatment days with the possibility of(More)