Heiko Denecke

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The various definitions of anterior and low anterior resection are outlined. The operative technique for performance of both and their perioperative management are described. Operative mortality in 157 patients operated on from 1973 to March 31, 1982, was 4.5% (7 of 157 patients) and had decreased to 1.9% (2 of 107 patients) within the last 5 years. The(More)
From July 1986 to July 1989, 40 patients (92% pretreated) with deep-seated, advanced soft tissue sarcomas (STS, 25 patients), Ewing's sarcomas (ES, eight patients), osteosarcomas (OS, three patients) and chondrosarcomas (ChS, four patients) were treated at the University of Munich in a protocol involving regional hyperthermia (RHT) combined with ifosfamide(More)
The changes in the status of the adenylic acid-creatine phosphate system and in glycogen, glucose, and lactate were investigated in canine kidneys during preservation in anaerobic and aerobic ischemia at normo- and hypothermia. For anaerobic ischemia, the kidneys were stored without additional measures; for aerobic ischemia, the ischemic kidneys were(More)
Report on the problems in total removal of extensive tumors of the petrosal bone and the skull base in this region. These problems are: 1. Freeing of the tumor involved internal carotid artery from the carotid foramen to the cavernous sinus. 2. Covering the resulting large defects of the dura and covering the new ostium of the Eustachian tube to protect the(More)
Between 0.5 % and 3 % of coarctations of the aorta are non-isthmic and cause mainly juvenile hypertension. From 1968 to 1973 at the Surgical Hospital of the University of Cologne and from 1973 to 1978 at the Surgical Hospital of the University in Munich, 17 patients with atypical hypoplasia of the descending aorta were operated on: 1 by patch graft, 16 by(More)