Heiko Dörr

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The application of formal techniques can contribute much to the quality of software, which is of utmost importance for safety-critical embedded systems. These techniques, however, are not easy to apply. In particular, methodolog-ical guidance is often unsatisfactory. We address this problem by the concept of an agenda. An agenda is a list of activities to(More)
reserved. No part of this series may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission of the publisher. Abstract. The upcoming safety standard ISO/WD 26262 that has been derived from the more general IEC 61508 and adapted for the automotive industry, introduces the concept of a safety case, a scheme that has already been(More)
Model-based development uses modeling and simulation as essential means for specification, rapid prototyping, design, and realization of embedded systems. The classification-tree method complements model-based development with a formal approach for test case description and automation. This paper shows how " raw " classification trees are transformed into(More)
Die modellbasierte Entwicklung beginnt sich als Standardparadigma in der Steuergerätesoftwareentwicklung zu etablieren. Um die Wirksamkeit und Effi-zienz der modellbasierten Entwicklung zu erhöhen, sind Richtlinien für die Mo-dellierung unerlässlich. Diese manuell zu überprüfen ist aufwändig und fehleran-fällig. Das Projekt MATE (MATLAB Simulink/Stateflow(More)