Heiko Bauer

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A generally accepted method to measure black carbon (BC) or elemental carbon (EC) still does not exist. An earlier study in the Vienna area comparing practically all measurement methods in use in Europe gave comparable BC and EC concentrations under summer conditions (Hitzenberger et al., 2006a). Under summer conditions, Diesel traffic is the major source(More)
Release of siRNA from nanoscale polyplexes is a crucial yet little investigated process, important during all stages of therapeutic research. Here we develop new methods to characterize polyplex stability early on in the development of new materials. We used double fluorescent labeled siRNA to compare binding and stability of a panel of chemically highly(More)
Aerosol-cloud interactions play an important role in earth's radiation balance. Aerosol particles act as cloud condensation nuclei for liquid droplets and/or as ice nuclei for the formation of ice particles. Previous research in our group has been related to biological ice nucleation. 1−3 Here, we present a proxy for many biological macro-molecular(More)
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