Heikki V Janhunen

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Twenty-eight polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) accidents were recorded during a 1-year period in Finland. They comprised leaks, fires or explosions of capacitors. Some of the explosions and fires gave rise to high concentrations of PCBs in air and of PCBs and tetrachlorodibenzofurans (TCDFs), including 2,3,7,8-TCDF, on surfaces. One large explosion is(More)
BACKGROUND Prehospital stroke triage is challenged by endovascular treatment for large vessel occlusion (LVO) being available only in major stroke centers. Conjugate eye deviation (CED) is closely related to LVO, whereas common stroke signs (face-arm-leg-speech-visual) screen stroke. We hypothesized that combining CED with common stroke signs would yield a(More)
BACKGROUND Traditionally, neurologists have been in charge of thrombolytic treatment of ischemic stroke. In 2013, emergency medicine residents started working in the frontline at the Central Hospital of Central Finland (CHCF). They were trained to evaluate and give thrombolytic treatment to acute ischemic stroke patients out of hours, with the possibility(More)
Emergency department is a showroom of its organization and an entry point to the hospital. The negative impact of sluggish processes and overcrowding in the ED is well acknowledged. Several tools can be used to improve patient flow in the ED. The specialty of emergency medicine is a crucial element which enables the establishment of stable, well-educated(More)
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