Heikki Keränen

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Mental overload directly affects safety in aviation and needs to be alleviated. Speech recordings are obtained non-invasively and as such are feasible for monitoring cognitive load. We recorded speech of 13 military pilots while they were performing a simulator task. Three types of cognitive load (load on situation awareness, information processing and(More)
Online communities enabled by mobile communication have needs for sharing experiences and common interests in a context sensitive manner. However, due to the current division of creation, delivery and access functionality of multimedia to applications, much user effort is needed to communicate efficiently. This paper presents an approach for a user(More)
Military fighter pilots have to function in environments that unavoidably have an effect on both production and reception of speech. Speech production is affected by for example g-forces, positive pressure breathing (PBG), background noise and workload. This can have an effect on the understandability of speech, which in turn can affect flight safety. This(More)
It has been suggested that use of the Naked Objects pattern could contribute to business agility of applications and reduce the amount of the application code up to 75 percent in a desktop environment. Very little empirical evidence exists to support these claims, however. This paper reports results of a study where two agile software development projects(More)
Naked Objects and agile software development have been suggested to complement each other. Very few empirical studies to date exist where a product has been developed using the Naked Objects technologies in an agile development environment. This study reports results of a case study where a mobile application was developed using the Naked Objects Framework.(More)
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