Heikki . Kalviainen

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In the modern industrial environment there is increasing demand for automatic condition monitoring. With reliable condition monitoring, faults such as mechanical motor failures could be identified in their early stages and further damage to the system could be prevented. Successful monitoring is a complex and application-specific problem, but a generic tool(More)
In recent studies, the orthogonality property of certain bases, such as wavelets, has been claimed to produce insuperable disadvantages to some signal processing tasks, e.g., feature extraction. To overcome these disadvantages research interest has turned towards redundant bases, frames, and shiftability concept has been proposed as the preferred property(More)
Visual feedback can help a robot to deal with unexpected events and uncertainty in applications such as flexible manufacturing. For example, motion of a workpiece can be handled by tracking the moving object with a manipulator. In the paper, we present a velocity and force control scheme for tracking a moving target with the robotic manipulator using(More)
In this report we describe the background and the properties of Aloha, which is a tool for learning structured programming. The learning approach in Aloha is based on understanding the program structures instead of the detailed syntax of the programming language. The implementation of Aloha supports both visual and active learning styles. The feedback from(More)
Material flow characterization is important in the process industries and its further automation. In this study, close-to-laminar pulp suspension flows are analyzed based on double-exposure images captured in laboratory conditions. The correlation-based methods including autocorrelation and the particle image pattern technique were studied. During the(More)
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