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Automatic diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy from digital fundus images has been an active research topic in the medical image processing community. The research interest is justified by the excellent potential for new products in the medical industry and significant reductions in health care costs. However , the maturity of proposed algorithms cannot be(More)
This study promotes the use of statistical methods in specific classification tasks since statistical methods have certain advantages which advocate their use in pattern recognition. One central problem in statistical methods is estimation of class conditional probability density functions based on examples in a training set. In this study maximum(More)
We present a novel method for localizing faces in person identification scenarios. Such scenarios involve high resolution images of frontal faces. The proposed algorithm does not require color, copes well in cluttered backgrounds, and accurately localizes faces including eye centers. An extensive analysis and a performance evaluation on the XM2VTS database(More)
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Rapid computation of the Hough Transform is necessary in very many computer vision applications. One of the major approaches for fast Hough Transform computation is based on the use of a small random sample of the data set rather than the full set. Two diierent algorithms within this family are the Randomized Hough Transform (RHT) and the Probabilistic(More)
Several novel and particularly successful object and object category detection and recognition methods based on image features, local descriptions of object appearance, have recently been proposed. The methods are based on a localization of image features and a spatial constellation search over the localized features. The accuracy and reliability of the(More)
Regular patterns, as defined in this study, are found in areas of industry and science, for example, half-tone raster patterns used in the printing industry and crystal lattice structures in solid state physics. The need for quality inspection of products containing regular patterns has aroused interest in the application of machine vision for automatic(More)