Heikki Hämmäinen

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—Mobile end user context has gained increasing attention in the mobile services industry. Context information is seen as an important component in developing new, more personalized, mobile services and applications. This paper studies the effect of end user context on smartphone usage sessions. Smartphone usage sessions are used to depict user behavior and(More)
Recently, adding multipath capability in the Internet protocol suite has attracted increasing interest. By letting end hosts discover several paths to communicate, end-to-end multipath protocols aim to improve utilization rate of Internet resources. Although many proposals for end-to-end multipath communication exist, they have not reached significant(More)
Demand for wireless data and Internet services are expected to grow exponentially, both in advanced and emerging markets in the near future. While advanced countries have often used centralized planning and coordination methodology to forecast and allocate the associated spectrum blocks to wireless operators for meeting the demand, it is often ad-hoc in(More)
An open architecture for distributed form management is described. The model employs object-orientation in describing organizational units as well as individual users as entities with uniform external interfaces. Each entity is represented by an autonomous <italic>user agent</italic> which operates on local and migrating <italic>forms</italic>. The form(More)