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In aquatic environments, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that interfere with the reproductive physiology of males form a threat to the reproduction of populations. This is often manifested as decreased sexual performance or sterility among males. We show that exposure to EDCs can directly affect the mating system of a marine fish, the sand goby(More)
A new two-dimensional TLC technique was developed to separate substituted anthraquinones on silica plates using n-pentanol-pyridine-methanol (6:4:3, v/v/v) and toluene-ethyl acetate-ethanol-formic acid (10:8:1:2, v/v/v/v) as eluents. The good separation power of the new technique was demonstrated by applying it to the analysis of complex anthraquinone(More)
Hyphenation of liquid chromatography with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (LC-NMR) is a useful technique in the analysis of complex samples. However, application of on-flow 1H NMR spectrometry during the LC-NMR analysis usually suffers from high intensity of eluent resonances. The poor dynamic range can be improved either with use of deuterated(More)
A LC-ES-MS/MS method for the identification of dilignols formed by the oxidative cross-coupling of coniferyl alcohol and apocynol has been developed. The identification is based on the generation of ammonium adduct ions [M + NH(4)](+) by electrospray ionization and thereafter the following fragmentation patterns for the selected precursor ions.(More)
The gas-phase ion chemistry of protonated O,O-diethyl O-aryl phosphorothionates was studied with tandem mass spectrometric and ab initio theoretical methods. Collision-activated dissociation (CAD) experiments were performed for the [M+H](+) ions on a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Various amounts of internal energy were deposited into the ions upon(More)
Two new lithiated phases of V(6)O(13) were formed by carefully tuning the temperature of electrochemical lithiation in a "coffee-bag" type Li-ion battery at 2.78 V versus Li/Li(+). These were studied by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. A phase with the composition Li(2/3)V(6)O(13) was obtained at 308 K with a unit cell three times the volume of the(More)
A study was carried out on the fragmentation of 12 protonated O,O-dimethyl O-aryl phosphorothionates by tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry. Some of the studied compounds are used in agriculture as pesticides. Energy-resolved and pressure-resolved experiments were performed on the [M + H](+) ions to investigate the dissociation behavior of the ions with(More)
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