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2Bettina Warscheid
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  • David U. Mick, Sven Dennerlein, Heike Wiese, Robert Reinhold, David Pacheu-Grau, Isotta Lorenzi +5 others
  • 2012
Mitochondrial respiratory-chain complexes assemble from subunits of dual genetic origin assisted by specialized assembly factors. Whereas core subunits are translated on mitochondrial ribosomes, others are imported after cytosolic translation. How imported subunits are ushered to assembly intermediates containing mitochondria-encoded subunits is unresolved.(More)
In the nasal cavity, the nonmotile cilium of olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) constitutes the chemosensory interface between the ambient environment and the brain. The unique sensory organelle facilitates odor detection for which it includes all necessary components of initial and downstream olfactory signal transduction. In addition to its function in(More)
Language can strongly influence the emotional state of the recipient. In contrast to the broad body of experimental and neuroscientific research on semantic information and prosodic speech, the emotional impact of grammatical structure has rarely been investigated. One reason for this might be, that measuring effects of syntactic structure involves the use(More)
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