Heike Schultz

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During the last two decades theoretical and applied limnological research increasingly focused on the investigation of floodplain rivers (Amoros & Roux 1988, Junk et al. 1989, Schiemer 1999, Ward et al. 1999, Findlay et al. 2002). Ecological key prerequisites of such systems are natural fluvial dynamics leading to flood-controlled disturbances, thereby(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet has become essential to the residency application process. In recent years, applicants and residency programs have used the Internet-based tools of the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP, the Match) and the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to process and manage application and Match information. In addition,(More)
Rules of medical ethic bid since the times of antiquity to respect the patients dignity. Today to respect the dignity of any man is a general legal rule. In the same way other rules of the traditional medical ethic became legal norms as for instance the command forbidding to do harm to someone. The law intends to limit the possibilities to exercise power.(More)
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